Below is a rough draft of a very short story of the absurdist variety. (2764 words)

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They All Go Down.

Below is a short story. It’s the second draft but I very likely will not do a third. Enjoy if you can. (6241)

They All Go Down.

Nicky Vaught.

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whisperbodyelectric said: That was my goal last year! You can totally do it!

Thanks for the support! I’m working on the Nova trilogy by William S. Burroughs now—pretty good but definitely a bit tedious.

But yeah thanks for the support!

whisperbodyelectric said: What is your summer reading goal?

To read 15 books (thanks for asking!)

(I knocked a bunch out in the beginning of June but have wasted a lot of time since finishing the sixth.)

casualmurry said: Mason Jar is pretty cute. I loike et(;


egoisttrist-deactivated20130826 said: how cute are your poems. i'm totally in love. hihih.


i have a few poems i’ve written i just haven’t posted so if anyone cares: they’re coming soon